Foundation Design for Tender

  • Foundation Design for Tender

Optimization and overiew

C2wind has undertaken analysis and calculations of integrated loads on Monopile and Transition Piece design for a wind farm planned for UK waters. This work resulted in optimized foundation designs.

The most cost-optimal design for installation and fabrication of towers, foundations and substructure configuration has been identified based on the turbine choice, as well as on soil and metocean conditions at the offshore wind farm site. For this assessment, the foundation- and substructure design involved a significant number of integrated load analysis- and design iterations (10 or more) for each of the turbines considered. Traditionally, only a few (2-3) integrated load iterations are provided by the wind turbine supplier as part of the detailed design phase. This means that these few iterations are used solely to converge on a single design solution for the models of the wind turbine supplier and structural designer, and optimization is not achieved. In contrast, C2Wind has, by a full structural and holistic approach, provided full optimization of the wind farm.

C2Wind has performed

  • Site Conditions Assessments.
  • Overview of design risks.
  • Sensitivity studies of environmental parameters and turbine configurations.
  • Foundation designs for Tendering.

C2Wind has provided the best possible starting point for tendering and execution of  detailed design.

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