Monopile weights for turbines of tomorrow

  • Monopile weights for turbines of tomorrow

For a large wind turbine supplier, C2Wind has developed generic turbine models and controllers for assessment of monopile designs for generic offshore wind farm sites.

For this assessment two generic wind turbine models have been prepared and applied in aeroelastic simulations in the C2Wind simulation tools. The two turbines models used in this assessment had rotor diameters of more than 210 m and nominal power of more than 10 MW.

For each of the turbines, integrated aero- and hydrodynamic load calculations have been performed for a central turbine Rotor Nacelle Assembly (RNA) mass configuration and site condition severities. These loads have been applied for foundation and substructure designs for an envelope of different design relevant parameters.

C2Wind delivered:

  • Key information about monopile weights and design drivers.

  • Sensitivity to Site Conditions severity.

  • Sensitivity to turbine configuration.

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