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C2Wind ApS is a Danish consultancy company formed in 2015 by two key employees from DONG Energy now Ørsted – Christian Berg Mørch and Anders Sørrig Mouritzen.

The C2Wind team have been working with offshore wind since 2003 and have been involved in more than 25 realized wind farms and numerous others on conceptual levels. They take responsibility for all issues related to integrated aero- and hydrodynamic loads, metocean conditions, loads and certification related issues in the wind turbine contracts, loads and design certification and overall support structure optimization. C2Wind has in the past worked with the top five wind turbine suppliers in the market and has key knowledge of turbine behaviour and design drivers. C2Wind also has a well-defined interface with the WTG suppliers, easing dialogue and processes.

In brief, we see the whole picture by understanding what matters.


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