Fabrication Management and Surveillance

C2Wind has extensive experience in fabrication management and QA/QC services. We offer tailor-made services for projects and can support them on different levels dependent on the client's needs. The support ranges from advisory services, supporting the foundations project manager or contract manager, to contract support and onsite surveillance services. The services can be tailored to the needs of the client so cost optimal service setup is executed.

Fabrication advisor

Fabrication Consultancy / Advisory

  • Technology and fabrication strategy.
  • Support in establishing and/or upgrading fabrication facilities for offshore foundation structures.
  • Analyses of fabrication and organizational processes of potential or already selected suppliers.
  • Support in preparation and implementation of individual methodologies for the fabrication process and project execution with the aim of optimization and cost reduction/efficiency.
  • Support in entering new markets and establishing fabrication contractors (experience from Taiwan, Vietnam, and Australia).

C2Wind has a strong focus on state-of-the-art solutions and processes –


Contract support

 Contract development & negotiations 

  • Support in preparation of ITT documents for foundations fabrication (e.g., Employer´s Requirements, etc.).
  • Supply and manufacturing agreement for foundation fabrication (from tendering to negotiation).

Contract performance

  • Contract management.
  • Claims management.

Fabrication and Supplier assessment

  • Evaluation of suppliers and their fabrication capabilities (established suppliers and newcomers).
  • Selection of the most suitable supplier(s) based on the assessment.


QA/QC Services strategy, concepts and execution

C2Wind develops and offers customized packages to provide optimal support for your project.

 Supplier capability auditing or Technical Due Diligence

  • Review and analysis of suppliers' systems, processes, and capabilities.

Fabrication Surveillance strategy and concepts

  • Corporate Fabrication surveillance strategy and concepts, including analysis for optimizations.
  • Determination of lean and efficient Fabrication surveillance strategy and setup under careful consideration of each selected supplier and their individual strength and weaknesses.

Fabrication Surveillance preparations

  • Implementation of Fabrication Surveillance strategy.
  • Comprehensive onboarding of fabrication surveillance team.
  • Definition and implementation of processes for the fabrication surveillance team.
  • Preparations and implementation of templates and documents required to perform Fabrication surveillance services.

Fabrication Surveillance execution

  • Review and verification of contractors´ documents (e.g., PMP, PQP, HSE Manual, WPS/WPQR, NDE Plan/procedures, ITPs, Workshop drawings, Coating Manual, etc.)
  • Monitoring overall condition and progress of fabrication.
  • Performance of inspections throughout the entire fabrication process to Load-out.
  • Reporting of progress and inspection results.
  • Pro-active approach to preventing non-conformities and delays.
  • Review and verification of As Built and Final Documentation.
  • Hand-over and Taking-over.


Transport and Installation services

Load-out Coordination Onshore

  • Review and verification of risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) and QHSE documents.
  • Load-out preparation works (e.g., all foundations and associated equipment, tools, spares, and free-issued parts are delivered to the quayside).
  • Management of load-out logistics.
  • Interface management.
  • Monitoring and reporting of defined key stages of the transfer of custody and load-out.

Offshore Client representatives

  • Offshore representatives overseeing work on behalf of the Client.
  • Ensuring efficient and successful delivery of projects.
  • Review during mobilization, offshore operations and project closeout.
  • Review Contractors' documentation, risk registers, incidents reports, Event logs and daily progress reports.