Foundation Design

To find the cost-optimal foundation and support structure, several configurations (diameters, pile length, corrosion protection etc.) have to be investigated. In a conventional engineering strategy, such parameters are chosen and adjusted manually and then by verification analysis proved acceptable. The most beneficial design solution has hereby not been reached. C2Wind provides you with a different strategy.

C2Wind have developed design tools for offshore wind turbine foundations that allow several thousands of design verification analyses to be undertaken. This means that all elements of the design can be fully optimised – not only for steel weights, but also fabrication and other factors. Working directly with the Client C2Wind can deliver optimized designs to a level of detail not available by other consultancies.

Below summarized is the applied loads and support structure design processes suggested for both conceptual studies and later detailed design. C2Wind provides a strong, unified sets of tools allowing an efficient foundation loads and support structure design process.


C2Wind can setup site-specific aero-elastic load models which will include turbine, wind and wave loading. Loads from these models will be directly fed into our support structure design tool, which will include all structural constraints and soil response parameters for each individual turbine position. Numerous load iterations can be undertaken between these two models, not only to ensure model convergence, but also allowing sensitivity of design parameters to be full investigated - both from a risk and support strcuture cost perspective. This process will ensure a cost-optimal design and allow early stage identification of problematic issues related to the fabrication, installation, general supply chain and give your project the best possible starting point for detailed design. This will also give you the best possible handle to challenge and interact with the wind turbine supplier.

As the wind turbine supplier often is a bottleneck in the foundation design process the suggested approach will reduce the project program and reduce design risk allowing us together focus on the detailed design an added-value engineering activities.

Bidding and wind farm tendering process 

Unique approach and possible for assessing early overview of risk and cost related to Foundation design.