Integrated Load Analysis

We perform conceptual Load Analysis and
evaluate Load Analysis using state of the art methods

By using our in-house software package to run fully integrated load simulations, we evaluate hydrodynamic and aero-elastic loads. We use a holistic approach combining insight in state of the art wind turbine and foundation technology as well as Site Conditions

C2Wind can perform advanced integrated loads including:

  • Hydrodynamic loads, using advanced nonlinear wave load modeling methods.
  • Wind loads though stochastic modeling techniques and new advanced methods in assessment of park turbulence and gusts.
  • Dynamical ice loads applying advanced ice load prediction tools.

One of C2Winds key competence and primary deliverable is the performance of integrated load calculations. C2Wind can perform load calculations on several turbine types and several foundation structure types. The C2Wind tools have proven to be very precise in their assessment of foundation and substructure loads and C2Wind will be able to accommodate load iterations for assessment of the most economically feasible designs for both fabrication and installation. These capabilities will, together with specialised knowledge in offshore metocean conditions and Foundation Design, form the basis for best in class design and load iteration processes. This have proven to result in significant primary steel cost savings compared to what is otherwise available on the market. C2Wind does this through enabling optimal solutions through application of superior knowledge of wind, waves, structures and loads – all implemented in a holistic approach.

We deliver

  • Precise and optimised loads and load estimates for generic turbines.
  • Identify key support structure design drivers and risks for different turbine types and site conditions. 
  • Provide input for benchmark of turbines and foundations costs for CAPEX evaluation.
  • Review of Wind Turbine Manufacturer loads and methods.