Project Management

Effective project execution

C2Wind is very experienced with effective project execution and project management especially within technical project management.

We ensure effective execution of project from initiation to planning, execution, monitoring and close down - and highly believes that effective planning is key to a successful project execution.

In C2Wind we use a set of effective tools to manage scope, time and resources but also all other relevant activities like interface management and scope and change management. 

We have great experience within technical project management/engineering management for offshore WTG foundations and can assist with great experience in optimised planning. C2Wind have experience with all disciplines within technical project management of WTG foundations and knows the critical steps in the design process from primary to secondary structures.

We have substantial experience with ITT and tender specifications for foundation supply including technical specifications. We have experience with building up employers requirements to support a cost effective project. During the last years we have been part of a great number of tender evaluations, and have a good insight in focus areas when it comes to evaluation of suppliers.

To ensure that the quality requirements of the project are met by suppliers C2Wind can assist in management of surveillance and inspection of Contractors work. We have experience with working with several suppliers both experienced suppliers with clear processes but also new Suppliers with a minimum of well-defined methods. A safe way of working is a main priority for C2Wind and this is something that needs full attention when executing the construction work.

As project managers we always ensure to keep the client informed about progress and risks and make sure to inform about status on every important parameter for the overall project.