Site Conditions

From C2Wind experience, the Site Conditions are extremely important when assessing the risk in design, integrated loads, overall support structure design and wind turbine conformity. C2Wind have a strong track record in performing Site Conditions Assessment for issues related to:

  • Planning and designing measurement campaigns (wind, wave, loads, power performance), as well as sourcing of hindcast metocean data.
  • Wind and wave conditions (metocean) analysis applied to support structure design (Design Basis).

  • Assessing all soil-related Site Conditions.

Above are key elements of wind farm design optimisation, contributing to lowering the cost of energy and de-risking Offshore Wind projects.


C2Wind have in-depth knowledge on which analysis and parameters needed for usage in the Integrated Load Calculations and have provided Site Conditions Assessment for several Offshore wind farms  - also for certification.

C2Wind can undertake all analysis and data quality assessment of (among others) met masts, LiDARs, wave buoys, and ADCPs.

C2Wind can take responsibility for sourcing of high-quality hindcast metocean data for application in design.

C2Wind has the capability to perform complex sea ice design load calculations. 

Together with our services related to Integrated Load Calculations and Foundation Design, our Site Conditions services provide an holistic overview of risk as well as support structure cost and optimization possibilities.