Wind Resource and Layout

Reducing uncertainty


C2Wind has years of experience with all aspects of wind resource assessment and layout design, in Europe and overseas. This includes:

  • Initial site screening and green field project development,
  • Measurement- and flow-modelling strategies, including scoping and procurement of datasets,
  • Detailed measurement- and model data analysis, including instrument validation/calibration tests,
  • Wind resource assessment and layout optimisation (closely linked to the work carried out in Site Conditions Assessment and Integrated Load Analysis,
  • Energy Yield Assessments
  • Analysis of 10-minute and 1-Hz SCADA data, for re-analysis of the yield of optimisation of performance,
  • Power-curve data analysis using masts and LiDARs,

In C2Wind all of the activities above-mentioned are carried out with the aims of reducing the uncertainty on the yield estimate, optimising the production and close the gap between forecasted- and actual long-term net production.

We have experience with all phases of the projects, in particular with FID- and/or divestment processes. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with R&D projects, and perform routinely ad-hoc analysis on all themes related to Wind Resource Assessment and turbine performance.